Features / Enhancements:
  • Pay Later buttons and messages(banners) for Italy and Spain
  • Changes to allow vaulting and Pay Later messaging together
  • Implemented webhook for Fraud Protection and ACH payments
  • Implemented webhook for LPMs (Local Payment Methods)
  • Add device data for Apple Pay orders
  • Added feature to include line items for PayPal transactions.
  • Add Order ID in the settlement request
  • Re-implemented ReCaptcha functionality
  • Upgraded Braintree PHP SDK to the latest v6.11.1
Bug Fixes:
  • MDVA-38523 patch to fix Paypal ReCaptcha not working issue
  • Admin users can't create/reorder for the customers when the Braintree payment method is enabled
  • Fixed Braintree PayPal ON, Credit Card OFF, Broken checkout
  • Fixed virtual product for PayPal order flow
  • Fix ReCaptcha validation for multi-shipping orders
  • Fixed ACH 'Account Number' field validation issue
  • Allowed merchants to cancel the Magento order if authorization of Braintree transaction expired
  • Fixed the ACH payment method to use the current Merchant Account ID during the payment
  • Fixed admin Braintree Virtual Terminal issues
  • Fixed the inability to place the order from the admin
  • Fixed 3DS Non-ASCII character validation error on checkout
  • Fixed CSP Errors which was blocking the 3DS modal popup
  • Removed PayPal styling Tagline and Layout configuration fields