This information is in relation to version 3.1.3 of the Braintree Magento 1 module.

If you are encountering the error "Customer ID too long", please follow the steps below to remove the offending IDs from your database.

  1. In your database, locate the table "eav_attribute". Find the record where "attribute_code" is "braintree_customer_id" and note down the "attribute_id"
  2. Locate the "customer_entity_varchar" table and find all records where the "attribute_id" equals the ID you noted down previously for the "braintree_customer_id".
  3. Find all rows that have a value that is longer than 32 characters
  4. Delete the selected rows

Please backup your database before attempting any of the above. Whilst removing these IDs is perfectly safe, we do not take any responsibility for any loss fo data.