Version 3.0.0 was released on Thursday 12 July 2018 and included the following significant updates:

1. Braintree SDK Update

  • The Braintree PHP SDK has been updated to version 3.23.0 (changelog).
  • The JavaScript SDK has been updated to version 3.32.1 (changelog).

2. PayPal Smart Button

The PayPal payments button has been updated to use the new PayPal Smart Button technology, allowing PayPal to automatically display each enabled funding option to eligible buyers. 

For example, PayPal Credit is only shown to buyers in countries where PayPal Credit is offered and enabled by the merchant.

Magento 1 product page with the PayPal Buy Now buttonMagento 1 product page with the PayPal Buy Now button

This additional functionality is enabled by default, but can be disabled in the Magento admin under the new "Disable Funding Options" option.

The Smart Button is displayed on a product page (if enabled), cart page (if enabled) and the checkout.

Each button can be customised in the Magento admin, allowing you to change the layout, size, shape and colour of the button.

Magento 1 settings to customise the PayPal button on  product page

Note: in order to support the PayPal smart button in the cart we have made a CSS modification which can be found in :


with the following CSS Selector: li.braintree-paypal-express-container

If this interferes with the layout of your cart page, we advise disabling this CSS Selector.

3. Partial Payments with PayPal

Partial payments (the ability to invoice an order for specific quantities, rather than the whole amount at once) has been enabled for PayPal payments.

Note - partial payments are already possible when using a card field.

4. 3rd Party Checkout Support Updated

The following 3rd party checkouts are no longer actively supported by their providers & as such, we will only be able to provide limited support for them -

  • MageCheckout
  • MageStore
  • Unicode

The following 3rd party checkouts have been updated to support the following minimum versions;

  • Amasty One Step Checkout - 3.2.2
  • Aheadworks One Step Checkout - 1.3.11
  • iDev OneStepCheckout - 4.5.8

5. Minor Changes and Fixes

  • An issue with auto complete not filling cards fields out correctly in certain browsers has been resolved
  • Magento Customer IDs are now used to associate a Magento customer against the Braintree Vault. This has no affect on your site, and is primarily to ease the migration from another payment provider to Braintree.

  • A number of redundant settings that were superseded by hosted fields in version 2 have been removed, and will have no affect on your site.

  • A number of descriptions for settings have been updated to provide better clarity and information on their purpose.

  • If accepting AMEX Cards with 3D Secure enabled - AMEX cards will bypass 3D secure checks as they do not support 3D Secure.

  • All connections to the Braintree API are now being forced to use TLS 1.2 (see "PayPal and TLS 1.2")

  • An issue when some locales would not be reflected correctly has been resolved

Note: For merchants using our Apple Pay module, please update to the latest version of both modules to ensure compatibility.