The Braintree extension for Magento 1 works out-of the box with the latest Magento responsive default checkout and has been integrated with the most popular checkout extensions from:

- MageCheckout

- MageStore (3.5.0)

- IWD (4.2.2)

- Awesome Checkout (1.5.0)

- OneStepCheckout (iDev) (4.5.5)

- AheadWorks (1.3.4)

- FancyCheckout (1.2.6)

- Fire Checkout (3.8.0)

- Unicode

- Amasty Checkout (2.9.10)

Whilst we have made every effort to provide integration files for the popular checkout solutions - if bespoke customisation work has taken place on your store's checkout we cannot guarantee the extension will work out of the box and are unable to provide support in such instances.